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On publication of ONS’ data showing drug-poisoning-related deaths in England and Wales highest in 24 years of study, NHS SMPA’s Emily Finch talked to BBC Radio 4 about the challenges facing services.

“The first thing we have to remember is that every death represents a huge loss for a family, loss of a son or daughter, parent or sibling, so this is really affecting people.”

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NHS Substance Use Inpatient Network, Public Health England & Department for Health and Social Care met to discuss diminishing medically managed detox provision.

Meeting with PHE and DHSC offered an opportunity to examine the specific challenges that NHS detox facilities face within the current economic climate and commissioning arrangements.

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Public Health England announce a new £4.5million fund aimed at supporting children and parents affected by alcohol.

With an estimated 200,000 children affected by alcohol in England, this investment is well needed and NHS SMPA sincerely welcome it.  However, there is much more to do than this funding will allow, so this needs to be the start point for investment in this area, not the end.

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